Oak’s mission is to revolutionize retail. We elegantly infuse technology into brick-and-mortar retail: creating intelligent, purposeful, and beautiful experiences that prove an ROI and serve as a step-function jump from anything the world has ever seen. We aim to accelerate retail. All $12 Trillion of it.


We’re growing. Quickly. One might even say, “hella” quickly. This is why we need you. You will be collaborating side by side with our VP of Engineering, and helping to grow our company from the ground up. You're experienced enough to organize code around the ability to re-evaluate decisions in the future. You can think about a problem by tearing it down to the studs. You design systems that are easy to reason about, and as such, you believe that state should be kept to a bare minimum. You have an appreciation for both functional and imperative programming, and appreciate pragmatism above all else.


You will be responsible for co-designing and co-implementing Oak's data ingestion pipeline. You will help make decisions about the end-to-end flow of data, all the way from the hardware in the field to services in the cloud. You will help shape our foundational thesis of data: its form, its location, and its lifecycle.


  • A BS in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience with functional programming: Clojure preferred, Lisp okay, Haskell questionable.
  • Experience with Java, an appreciation for the problem it solves, and tolerant contempt for its faults.
  • A motivation that can't be contained, even by Docker.
  • The ability to find a work-around when there is no work-around.
  • The self-confidence to know that all requirements are negotiable, even these.


Retail is at an inflection point. The store experience hasn’t changed in 100 years - and while the efficiency and convenience of ecommerce has accelerated consumer expectations about convenience and choice, physical retail still remains 94% of all commerce. Single-branded stores are the most preferred way to shop and retailers are struggling to find impactful, costeffective, and scalable solutions to elevate their experience. Options today are limited to agencies (expensive, one-off), and internal teams (expensive, often not top talent). While customers continue to evolve (54% of customers want in-store touch-screens), retailers are struggling to innovate. Those investing in digital integration are winning (Bonobos, Warby Parker, Nordstrom), and those which aren’t are losing (RadioShack, Circuit City). Oak will help the winners win. The retail SaaS application space in 2014 was $31.2B market and growing.


Oak approaches the physical world like the web: in-store “sessions” are identical to online sessions. We identify acute moments of opportunity for technology to remove friction and provide a real utility, build beautiful products that wow customers, and collect data that has previously been lost, like items a customer doesn’t purchase after a fitting session, in-store browsing patterns, and even conversions per SKU (versus just velocity).